Resident Screening

Screening residents is the most important aspect of the successful management of rental property. The application processing is performed by our team. In general, we look at an applicant’s past behavior and conclude that their future behavior will be similar. An applicant must demonstrate a history of being a good, responsible resident or homeowner as well as meeting industry-standard financial criteria. We analyze and consider the following data:

Landlord References

We request and analyze all information from previous landlords.

Credit Report

Our property managers and leasing agents have a direct relationship with the various credit reporting agencies. We obtain a credit report, which provides us the applicant’s current and past performance toward meeting their financial obligations. It also indicates their monthly debt, credit score, rental score, and previous addresses, which we compare to addresses listed on the application. An applicant must meet established credit standards.

Criminal Background Check

We do a thorough background check on all applicants by enlisting various online services.


We contact the employer to verify length of employment, status, and income. An applicant needs to earn at least two-and-a-half times the monthly rent in gross income to meet the financial requirements. We obtain copies of pay stubs or tax returns.


We do not allow aggressive breeds. Most insurance companies will not insure against the risk of these breeds, and it is not worth the risk. Owners will need to consider pets, but we are still extremely careful in selecting residents who wish to bring pets.

Other Factors

Many of our managed properties are subject to Home Owner Association restrictions, such as no boats or trailers and limits on the type and number of vehicles. An otherwise qualified applicant may be unable to lease a property if, for instance, they own a boat and want to park it in the driveway. We make sure issues like this are covered up front to avoid surprises after move-in.

Negotiation with Residents

New leases and renewal leases are negotiated with residents on your behalf. We attempt to negotiate and settle any disputes that may arise. Occasionally, concessions to residents are made in the interest of resident retention and/or property maintenance. However, any significant monetary concession would be made only with owner approval.
Advertising and Marketing

We use the following methods to advertise vacant property:

  • MLS:
    Rental property data is entered in the Austin Multiple Listing Service (MLS), providing access to more than 5,500 realtors and third-party locators. All Austin MLS for-rent listings are now available to home searchers through various public gateways, such as the, as well as others.
  • For Lease Signs:
    These signs are posted at the property with a 24-hour information number so drive-by prospects can find out immediately the price and size of your property and when it will be ready for move-in.
  • Internet Listings:
    Our available homes for rent in Austin are posted online and updated regularly with photos, maps, and complete details for the convenience of those searching for a new home.
  • Leasing Locators:
    We make all of our listings available to the many lease locator companies in Austin. These third-party locators specialize in helping residents find apartments, duplexes, and homes for rent in Austin.
  • Word of Mouth/Referrals:
    We encourage referrals from current and past residents, friends of our residents, and other agents in our network.
  • Market Pricing:
    Even the ideal properties will not lease quickly if overpriced. We conduct market research and make recommendations about pricing, to help ensure that your rental home is priced according to current market conditions.
  • Thorough Preparation:
    Homes for rent in the Austin market must show well and have an attractive “curb appeal” or they will sit empty for months. Part of our job as property managers is to make sure your rental home is presented in a clean and attractive condition so that it will attract a good resident.

The services listed above are provided as part of the agreed-upon leasing fee.

Lease Renewals

Forty-five days before the expiration date of the existing lease, the company will reach out to the resident in an effort to renew the lease. If the market supports an increase in the rent, we adjust the lease rates accordingly. We also offer various nominal incentives, such as a free carpet clean, in exchange for the lease renewal.
Leasing Fees

Our fee is charged as a percentage of the monthly rental rate. The fee for your property will be quoted competitively depending upon neighborhood, condition, number of units, and rent rate. Leasing fees on apartment communities are also quoted on a property by property basis.

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