What services do you provide?

We provide management services consisting of collections, leasing, and maintenance of single-family homes, duplexes, condominiums and apartments in the Austin market. We manage with a focus on driving net operating income and increasing asset value in addition to providing extraordinary customer service. We serve the greater Austin area, north to Round Rock, east to Manor, south to San Marcos, and west to Lakeway. Perhaps the most important service we provide is our personal attention and easy access to information.
What are your fees?

We charge a percentage of the gross collected rent per unit with a minimum of $50 per unit. There is no charge if the unit is vacant. There is also no charge once you decide to sell the property. To secure a qualified resident, the charge is a percentage of one month’s rent. To renew a lease with an existing resident, the fee is $100. We do not charge any fees to set up or open an account. Maintenance labor is billed at $45/hour for non-HVAC work order requests and $55/hour for HVAC-type work. Fuel surcharges apply. Should we need to contract the work to electricians, plumbers, painters, or other companies, we charge 10% on top of the invoice to manage these improvements.

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What services are included in the management fee?

We handle all of the day to day operations of your property including but not limited to handling resident issues, rent collection, late notices, eviction notices, lease violation notices, resident/owner billings for repairs, security deposit disposition, document condition of property, capture pictures of issues related to the property, accounting, statements, maintaining a 24 hour emergency call service and home warranty coordination.
How will I know if repairs are made to my property?

When emergency repairs do arise, we take care of them immediately and inform you of the situation within 24 hours. For repairs that are important but not emergencies, we contact you for approval only if the estimated cost will exceed $300.
What do you provide in your statements?

Any and all reporting is available through our Web site. Updates are posted in real time, so you can access the current information 24×7 from anywhere in the world. The Web site will include copies of your current lease and all other relevant documents. Reports include rent received, management fees and any repairs expenses deducted. For any repairs performed, invoices will include details of the work completed including labor and material expenses.
When are distributions delivered?

All distributions are sent via direct deposit on or before the 27th of each month.
What do you do if a resident gets behind on rent?

We contact the resident, both in writing and in person, and inform them they are late and to see when payments can be expected. In some cases an eviction needs to be filed. If possible, we are able to save the resident with a payment plan. Other times we will follow through with the eviction and we manage the process.
Can you handle evictions?

Yes. The first step in an eviction is to deliver a notice to the resident informing them to vacate. If they do not cooperate, or if a payment plan is not offered by the specified date, usually 1-3 days, we file an eviction with the court. Fees vary by county. The entire eviction process takes about three to four weeks to complete.
What if I want to buy or sell my investment property?

We do not buy or sell assets on behalf of our clients, nor do we charge a fee once you decide to sell. As a result, we will refer you to the agent that assisted in the purchase of the home. We can also refer you to agents if you are in the market to purchase investment properties.