Agent Referral Program

About the Agent Referral Program

The Property Society, LLC has grown over the years by providing exceptional property management services to the real estate community. Agents understand their client’s needs and we take every measure to ensure their success. Below are the many benefits of working with our company
Professional property management service adds value to your clients

We each have our own area of expertise and our team has been leasing and managing rental property throughout their various careers since 1982. There are numerous details associated with our specific trade and our full time staff is dedicated to the art of property management, to ensure your customers are completely satisfied. Your clients will thank you once they experience our professionalism, dedication, execution and quality service. Refer your clients to the property management experts… refer to them to The Property Society, LLC.
Divide and Conquer

Sales agents are experts in their fields; however, they may not be equipped to provide all the services required to lease and manage property. Agents understand the owner can not afford to have a vacant home for any period of time. As a result, especially in today’s market, many Agents are partnering with The Property Society, LLC to market the property for lease while at the same time agents market the home for sale. If the property is sold first, the management agreement with The Property Society is automatically terminated. If the property is leased first, the partnering agent receives a referral fee from The Property Society, LLC. Additionally, when the client is ready to place the property back on the market, the referring agent will receive a call from The Property Society. We are focused on leasing and management and do not offer sales services – we leave that to you.
We pay referral fees

Selling to investors? Have a property you know will not sell? How about a property the owner “can’t afford” to sell. When you refer our company to your client, we offer the agent a referral fee, and when the client is ready to place the home on the market, the referring agent will receive a call from The Property Society. We leave the selling to you
We manage your rental inventory

Many agents manage rentals because they feel they must in order to provide full service to their customers. Now you don’t. We will take over your inventory of rentals, pay you a fee, give your customers great service, and you return the property to you once owner is ready to sell. Call John O’Neill at (512) 282-7393 for more details.
We buy management accounts

Want to get out of property management all together? We have experience with buying out management companies in the Austin area. We have the forms, formulas and plans to make the transition effortless. We will also offer a commission for any agent who refers us to an owner wanting to sell all or a portion or all of their managed accounts. Call John O’Neill at (512) 282-7393 to discuss in more detail.